The other side of fashion

1 Sep


Nowadays more and more people prefer to follow the fashion. Young girls are always like to talk about high fashion European names such as Versace, Louis Vuitton, Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior and Chanel. In world fashion, several rounds of catwalk shows will be hold in Paris, Milan, New York and London. During these Fashion Weeks , designers will show their haute couture collections .At the same time, The media has been filled with these kinds of reports.

However, do you know the other side of fashion?

As the consequence of globalization, the fashionable business has moved some developing countries. The brand owners used sweated labor to earn them profit, while those workers have to endure bad working conditions and overtime job with low wages. The problem was most acute in textile mills and garment sweatshops where large numbers of women and children were employed.

Further, in many metropolises, you can see women in fur coats and men in fine coats walking joyfully on the street. It seems that they bath themselves in the big happiness of possessing a piece of luxurious fur coat. However, there were so many wile animals killed fiercely because of these bloody fur trade. Actually, there modern people are not wearing fur coats, but some bloody animals indeed.

When we know the truth, we may have a more rational attitude on fashion. Being a civic with enough social responsibility, everyone should resist this kind of evil fashion and practice a healthy life style.



31 Aug

Although I’m not a big fan of famous brands, beautiful clothes are still my favourite collections. There is no connection between fashion and me. As long as the popular styles seem great to me, I would follow ot.

Talking about my favourite style, I would like to describe it as a mixed style sith all kinds of different wearings. It’s not abot the fashion, just about my emotion. Besides that, I collect earings and wreistlaces. However, I’m not good at remembering to wear them and they can only lay in my collection box.

Perhaps, my style has nothing in common with the people living in China, but I do believe that all the Chinese people love our traditional style very much.

——By Jasmine



31 Aug



People pursue fashion because it is sparking, glitzy and eye-grasping. It is easy to find the bright side of fashion, on the other hand, how dark of fashion do you know. Young models endeavour to keep their zero size figures for expressing the perfect performance of clothes in fashion shows. People who work in low salaries, unsanitary workplaces and little secure jobs are ruined their healthy due to fashion-related sweatshops. There is a piece of surprising news that Primark is discovered about hiring young children labour. Children who work in Primark’s Indian sweatshops do their jobs in the squalid condition. And I got a shock when I heard that children sewed the small beads late at night, they only use candles to lighten because of the poor electricity in the camp. People in the UK buy clothes in very bargain prices which were processed by young children’s toiling. As far as I am concerned that Primark in the UK must conduct the fair trade stratedgy to terminate the nightmares of young children as soon as possible.


31 Aug

I must say, fashion does not really interest me, because I relate it with shopping and I do not particularly like shopping. Furthermore, in the morning I am to lazy to think about the fact of clothes match together or not…As a consequence, I like to wear comfortable clothes and so I would not wear any clothes in which I would need to stop breathing or in which I cannot move freely.    When I go shopping, I try to avoid buying clothes made in sweatshops, because child labour really should not be encourage.  Moreover, people should be conscious of the consequences of size-zero fashion on women, as they cause serious eating disorders.


Fashion in China

31 Aug

Danxiao Li

Early in the ninetieth of the 20th century, Chinese people didn’t care about fashion at all. They had to wear old, dark clothes, due to the poverty.

With the advancement of economy, things are different now. An increasing number of people , especially young people, begin to care about what they are wearing. They get a lot of information about fashion from the media. For example,  a pair of  shoes that a famous actress worn in a movie is likely to be very popular in China. Some people believes that it is fashion if you wear the same way like the faddists.

However, in my opinion, more than clothing, shoes, make-ups, fashion is a life style.Fashion is  how to wear clothes in your own style, how to live in your life, how to be like yourself.

Just do it and Sweatshop

31 Aug


Being fashionable  is big part of younger generations in South Korea, and they have been spending much money and time (including me ^^). As a result, most clothing businesses focuses on younger generations and they are the biggest customers.

However, while many teenagers are crazy about their fashion and shopping, many other teenagers and children have been extreme exploited at a factory in the Third World countries. As became globalization, this problem of using developing countries workers has been growing for many years. In brief, many developed countries have been building numerous factories in developing countries and they have been using these countries workers with poor working conditions to save cost. For example, law wages, dangerous work environment and even, many children have been suffering physical abuse. Some people might think that using developing countries workers can be an opportunity to raise the standard of their living. However, there are never able to save any money to improve their lives. As we have learned in class it’s called Sweatshop. I think, it does not need explaining anymore what does Sweatshop mean? Just we should know that Sweatshops are a hot topic in today’s modern global economy and human rights. Then, what kind of products they have made? Shoes, Clothing, Chocolate and Coffee (oh my god!!) all of them are which I  have been buying mainly everyday,,,,

Last 2010 World Cup and Olympic, many people was extremely exited (including me ^^), however, at the same time, many children had to work with no time to rest.

Although everything always has two sides both advantage and disadvantage as two sides of the same coins,sometimes we should have a time to think other side of people.

Nike has been using a slogan “JUST DO IT “

How do you feel about  JUST DO IT?

Fashionista, Fashion victim or Fashion hater?

27 Aug

They say that you can tell a lot about someone from the clothes/accessories they wear. What does your clothing say about you? Write and tell us about your style of fashion. Is there anything that you wouldn’t wear? Has your style changed? Is fashion important to you or do you simply not care less?  And what about the dark side of fashion?