Experiences In Swansea

9 Sep


I carried a 30-kilogram-luggage and an approximate 5 kilograms rucksack by myself after I kissed goodbye to my parents and an aunt of mine in the front of the custom desk in the Chong Qing P.R.China. It was a lonely but specific journey. (PS, I lost my E-dictionary on the plane to Hong Kong which was my stop-over to the UK. Additionally, careless is the top one of my fatal faults.) On the plane way to the Great Britain, I anticipated my variant, ambitious and tough life what is going to happen in the near future.

After I got off the plane and landed on the territory of the UK, I was asked to take a quick health check before left the airport.  The first stunning question was came up was ‘are you pregnant?’, I repeated the ‘pregnant’ in a astonishment voice and facial expression, which made one of the two female workers laugh during my health exam.(PS, other one of the workers was the one who asked me that embarrass question.)

When I waited for the coach to Swansea in the Heathrow, I found pigeons daring to walk near around people which could hardly to be witness in the China.

A sort of independent life is in this foreign city, I cook by myself which is never supposed to happen before I came here, I solve any problems alone from opening an account  to renting a house, except I am financial supported by my lovely parents, but I really enjoy the life in the Swansea. Nevertheless less time to sleep is a big difference from before, I drink coffee and eat more food which can make me awake and provide me extra energy.  

Commuter in the Swansea is also a nice recommendation. I am able to relax and watch the views on each side of the road, such as the ancient architecture, countless flowers in the front garden of every house, an occasion lost bee flying inside of the bus, and sun shines throw the window. A montage of those scenes is consisting of my daily commuter life.

I very appreciate that I have been given an opportunity to meet the best classmates who help me when I get confusion about something we learned in the class, and patient teachers who invariably encourage and teach me positively. I thankfully express my appreciation of every help which was given from my classmates and teachers.

As far as I am concerned, it is respectful and intimate to write down all your forenames as following:

Teachers: Alison, Sandy, Ela, Rob, Emma, Leanne

Classmates: James, Hale, Catherine, Jasmine, Dan Xiao, Chen, Sally, Halima, Nouf, Aisha, Danielle, Hannan, Greg, Ibrahim.

(PS, if it would be impertinent to write your name in my article, please let know and I’ll erase it soon.)

I look forward more exacting experiences in the future.

And I hope there are less errors in my article this time^*…*^


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