9 Sep

First I must say I really enjoyed this summer. Actually, I shouldn’t have attended the Pre-Sessional class, as I booked an other course. However, I am happy and I do not have any regrets, as it was a wonderful summer. Spending two month in Swansea, was a great opportunity for me to do a lot of things, and explore new places.

 Over the summer I travelled to different in the UK and discovered the English life-style, and I must say, I liked all of them (except London maybe- because in my opinion, this city is definitely too big and too bustling for myself).

By living without my family for 10 weeks and taking care of my self, I could prove them, that I can be totally independent of them, and perfectly able to manage things by myself. Of course it was also nice to have a time off, from everything of my  every-day life.

 Actually, one reason for coming to Swansea was actually to figure out what and where I want to study next year. I must confess that, still I don t know what to do in the future say, as now I also consider studying in the UK. So I guess I will just see what comes next, as I learned through experiences, that life can’t be planned, as all we can do is making choices and taking decisions…

I was really pleased to meet all of you in Swansea, as I so got the possibility to learn about different countries and different cultures. (I also refreshed my knowledge in Arabic, and learned Chinese :D) And especially, I found a lot of new friends, who are coming from different parts of the world. I now really want to go and  visit China, as this country appears to be really amazing and having lots of interesting sights. Unfortunately I couldn’t’ t improve my chopsticks-eating skills 😦 ).

Of course I also improved my English. I guess it will be a hard challenge for me to get used to speaking French the whole school-day long again. I noticed that, compared to the first week I spend in Swansea, I don’t think in German anymore and translate it. Now I am doing the contrary; I think in English and try to translate it to French and German.

I think I also grew up a lot. Handling problems on my own, made me gain a lot of self-esteem. Furthermore, I am more open for new unknown things, and I now like to take on new challenges. I guess, meeting different cultures, interested me a lot as I got really talkative over the summer. I also developed new interests, e.g. English History, … And I learned a lot, by attending all those classes. Even if they are may not all be adequate to myself for the moment, I am sure that they will be helpful to me in the future.

Finally, I want to say thanks to everyone for being part of my summer. I was pleased to meet all of you, and I hope will keep in touch. Of course, I will try to come and visit Swansea, during the next year, but as I am doing my A-levels in two school-systems ( French A-Levels, and German A-Levels are quite different…) at the same time, I will be quite busy with that. Thanks a lot to all the teachers, especially to Ela, Sandy and Alison, who all did a really great job.

 I will miss Swansea and all of you. The summer was one of my bests and I will always keep a very good memory of it.

I wish all the best for the future and good luck to everyone!


Ps: I promised to some, that I would post my e-mail address on the Blog, so that we could keep in touch, so here it is: riedbergdanielle@yahoo.fr I hope I will hear of all of you soon.


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