Muslim women and their opinion towards fashion

1 Sep


Actually as a muslem woman, my point of view on the issue of fashion  is quite different of other people, many think that we dont have any idea about fashion, since we only wear long dark clothes , in fact they think we are living away of fashion . but the real thing that we are very aware and up to date with every little change in fashion world in boths, the clothes we wear inside our homes and the outside once, even in that in some of the islamic countries we dont have  a real catewalk shows , we can easily cutch up with every new in the fashion.

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we normally like to wear casual clothes outside home which must be mediated to suit both , our religious and the modern life. some women like weaning the classic style, especially when they got married.

in common, people in my country are obsessed with fashion in every singl day of their life as well as their passion towards our traditional clothes wich they stick with in the special occasions, which they emmerge the fashion on them through the use of different colores according to the colorof that season. this in my opinion  has affect the traditional style of our clothes , even the change  was done just on the kind or the mix of colores.


2 Responses to “Muslim women and their opinion towards fashion”

  1. Jasmine September 1, 2010 at 5:28 pm #

    I just want say “WOW”!

  2. Class 2 September 4, 2010 at 8:45 pm #

    Ela: Wow indeed! What a great blog post and pictures. Try to keep your sentences a bit shorter and make sure you start a new sentence with a capital letter.

    “quite different of”
    Different to

    “clothes outside home”
    What’s missing from this sentence?

    “especially when they got married.”
    You are speaking in general here. What tense should it be in?

    “this in my opinion has affect the traditional style of our clothes”
    What tense should the verb be in here?

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