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Class 2 swansea – photo

31 Jul

Some people asked me to post the photo I took of our class ( a week ago, I guess) on the blog, so that everyone  can see it.

So there is the photo – but, I guess we will have to do some new one’s, as our class has grown since last time.

Sorry to Ela if this doesn’t exactly correspend to the aim of the blog. : )



The Saudis Characteristics,,,

29 Jul

         Many of people around the world thought that the Saudis still riding a camel and we have our oil well in our backyard .Actually, that is not true. The Saudi customs is differ from the other non-Arab countries. Saudi’s people similar to the other people have own style and characteristic . In the following lines, some of them will be described in details with some examples.

         Let’s begin first with one of the most interested Saudi custom, which is the hospitality in welcoming guests, especially when they invited in a home. A lot of Saudis consider this a part of their duty that should be made in perfect way. For example when you are invited to Saudi meeting in a home, you should accept his offer of Arabian coffee with some dates, even if you did not like it. Most of the Saudi people eat their meal on the floor and they are using their right hand to eat and drink. Also it is recommended to eat little peice from every type. Definitely, you do not have to eat everything, because they often offer more than enough of food as part of Saudi hospitality.

       In those meetings, Saudis will shake hand each person one by one while standing, when you go into a meeting place. In addition, you have to show some respect and greeting for everyone. It may not polite to ask about his family and especially about his wife. As it is mentioned before, men shake hand and some will kiss on each cheek depend on the level of greeting. However, women hug and kiss other women.

       Most of the families in Saudi Arabia are extend family. They meet together many times per year. They help each other to find a job or to support each other in critical times. They love to have children.

        The people in Saudi Arabia show respect for the older by kissing the front of his head. In our conversations, we are  talking in politics, religion, our history and sport. Saudis very proud in their religion and Islamic history. Most of the people their have love of camping in the desert usually when they get rain.

        When I came to the UK before 4 years ,my stereotype about the people here was the brtish are great at time and they are unfriendly people. But actually, one thing happened to me in my first visit to the UK which change all of these thoughts. In 2006, I lost my way near to Piccadilly circus. I was looking to London map, until the British man come from inside from the front shop to show me my current place and my destination .

By Ibrahim..

The Austrian stereotype

28 Jul

Many people who haven’t been in Austria, may think that  Austrian people use to dress in a “Dirndl” or in a “Lederhose”, which are the ancient traditional clothes. Furthermore, people could think that we love classic music, and ski all the time.


But I would rather describe the Austrians as environmental friendly and kind to animals, as most of the country consists out of natural parcs. Moreover, most of the Austrians enjoy delicious food, just like “Schnitzel”, “Kaiserschmarrn”, “Kmoedel mit Sauerkraut”.  I also think that Austrian people are ponctual and like things to be fair. Contrary to the Brits, we don’t really like queuing.

When I came to the UK I thought that most of the people would be a bit snobbish. But I found out that here in Wales, everyone one is really nice and welcoming and an open communicator. The only prejudice, which I had and turned out to be true was the rainy and overcast weather…


The typical characteristics and behavior of S.Korean

25 Jul



In South Korea, people are great at recycling for environment because as we learned in the lecture last time the environment is not only our, it should be returned to next generation.

Secondly, Koreans think manner is very important especially to elders, so we have two word types which are formal and informal. People does not like make noise in public place, such as in the underground, in the bus and other public places. Also, Koreans are very particular about punctuality.

However, Korean people also love  curtain twitching and watching soap operas. Many people are proud of where they live and what kind of car they drive.

My stereotype about the British was that they will wear  raincoat (such as Burberry), because Britain has lots of rain. However, I haven’t seen somebody’s wearing Burberry, even they do not use an umbrella in rainy day. (I think, I have watched the Britich filmes so much ^^)

24 Jul

Every country has its stereotypes. Using vocabulary from the unit describe the typical characteristics and behavior of people in your country. Also write about your perception of British people and how this has or has not changed since you started living here.


22 Jul

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City break in Vienna

22 Jul

If you are the kind of person, who enjoy spending a week-end abroad, then come and have a visit Vienna. It is the perfect city for a short city break, where you can visit ancient monuments, just as the Schoenbrunn Castle , the place where Sissi- the Empress of Austria- lived or the Schoenbrunn garden with the Gloriette File:Schloss Schoenbrunn Gloriette DSC02028.JPG. You can also book some guided tours, through the historical city-center, and admire the buildings on the “Ring” ( the street, which surrounds the old city-center), which are mostly built in the baroque style. And are the town’s landmarks.

If you want to have a bit more fun, then you should go and have a look at the “Prater”, which is a big attraction park, where you can either just relax in the park areas or have a ridde on the rollercoast or have a view over the hole city from the top of the “Riesenrad”, which is a big red wheel, which also stands for the city of  Vienna.